Since 2004, Techworld has been building smart solutions for our clients. They offer customersend-to-end solutions which include assessing & recommending, designing and ultimately building an e-learning product which optimizes performance. They have had great success building Education and Job OptimizationPrograms (JOPs).Their unique, custom built e-learning solutions, currently in use in educational institutions and large corporates and industrial houses, can be used either for self-study or incorporated as part of a blended learning program.


  • e-learning solutions are being used by clients in Europe, North America and the Middle East, to successfully train employees and optimize their performance in aviation, oil and gas, defense and steel manufacturing.
  • biggest success has been retention of our existing customers and referrals by them. A testament to the quality that we deliver is our ability to retain all our customers, receive repeat business from them and generate new business through referrals by them.
  •  customer successes demonstrate how powerful and effective our learning solutions have been.
  • Industrial Maintenance: Over 550 Modules (750 hours) being used to train 2000+ employees
  • Manufacturing Process Training: Over 1,200,000 (1.2 million) learners have used the 220 e-learning modules built by us
  • Job Skills Training: Over 500 modules built by us being used by 1,800,000 (1.8 million) learners
  • Industrial Safety: Helping prevent thousands of industrial accidents each year
  • Education (Chemistry and Biology): 160+ modules being used to convert students to “active learners”
  • success is largely due to our Team and the Process and Methodology that we adopt.


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