The IACET Peer Reviewers, collectively known as the IACET Commission, are experts in continuing education and training (CE/T) who direct and administer the process by which organizations are approved as Accredited Providers.

This includes reviewing applications, working with applicants to address questions and application gaps and conducting application interviews to verify the accuracy of information provided in the accreditation application. The IACET Commission is a force that is pivotal to the accreditation and reaccreditation of IACET Accredited Providers worldwide.

IACET Peer Reviewers

Anely Arencibia, Florida USA

Sarah Bell, Virginia USA

Dr. Kathleen Carroll, Texas USA

Dr. Norina Columbaro, Oregon USA

Jim Cook, Georgia USA

Dr. F. DeDe deMarks, Georgia USA

Laura Gullion, Virginia USA

Typhani Harris, Maryland, USA

Dr. Matt Joiner, Texas USA

Delaney King, Saskatchewan, CA

Kim LeMaitre, New Jersy, USA

Fonda Liggins, Arkansas, USA

Dr. Robert Lyons, Kentucky, USA

Kathy Maka, Illinois, USA

Rowell Mariano, Philippines

Sally Morgan, North Carolina USA

Dr. Kevin Perry, Pennsylvania USA

Mark Posada, Texas USA

Dr. Barbara Primm, Missouri USA

Ena Primous, Missouri USA

Diane Rasmussen, Minnesota USA

Dr. Michelle Rhodes, Georgia USA

Damaris Santiago, Florida USA

Lori Schnaider, California USA

Dr. Wendi Siegel, Florida USA

Desmond Stecher, California USA

Thomas Tatem, Maryland USA

Keith Ussery, Georgia USA

Caroline Van Howe, California USA

John Wilson, Georgia USA

Jerome Yeong, Singapore


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