IACET uses non-volunteer resources to support the work of the organization. Use the information below to contact the administrative staff at IACET.

Position Person Email Phone
Chief Executive Officer Casandra Blassingame casandra.blassingame@iacet.org +1 (703) 763-0705 ext. 101
Director of Accreditation and Training Dr. Karen LaMarsh karen.lamarsh@iacet.org +1 (703) 763-0705 ext. 102
Vice President of Technology and Organizational Effectiveness Randy Bowman randy.bowman@iacet.org +1 (703) 763-0705 ext. 103
Accredited Provider and Member Services Coordinator Jessica Perdomo jessica.perdomo@iacet.org +1 (703) 763-0705 ext. 104
Director of Operations Amy Starchville amy.starchville@iacet.org +1 (703) 763-0705 ext. 105

Strategic Business Development Manager

Bradley Davis bradley.davis@iacet.org +1 (703) 763-0705 ext. 106
Accreditation and Training Coordinator Alexa Combs alexa.combs@iacet.org +1 (703) 763-0705 ext. 107
Marketing and Operations Assistant Aaron Gooch aaron.gooch@iacet.org +1 (703) 763-0705 ext. 108
Director of Standards Sherard Jones sherard.jones@iacet.org  
Technical Writer Teshia Payne teshia.payne@iacet.org  
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As the Chief Executive Officer, Casandra is responsible for organizational oversight. She operationalizes the strategic plan by engaging the Board of Directors, Staff, Standards Development Council, Commission, and Committee members. Casandra’s goals are to maintain the ANSI Standard, create strategies to better communicate who we are, engage our stakeholders, identify and increase business opportunities, create meaningful partnerships, and make a positive, growth-oriented impact on the continuing education and training industry.

Before joining IACET, Casandra had a 21-year long career in higher education as adjunct and associate faculty, coordinator, director, vice-president, and chief academic officer in the community college and both public and private colleges and universities. In 2016, she began her career in the non-profit trade association space as the vice-president of education services at the American Gear Manufacturers Association.

Casandra graduated from Talladega College with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Computer Science. She earned her Master of Education in Adult and Higher Education from the University of Missouri-St. Louis, where she is currently a doctoral candidate.

Reasons to Contact Casandra
  • You have interest in volunteer leadership
  • You are interested in becoming a Commissioner
  • You are interested in developing a meaningful partnership
  • You have concerns you would like to express
  • You need high-level engagement to assist in accreditation endeavors
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As the Director of Accreditation and Training, Karen is responsible for overseeing and implementing the accreditation application process and training solutions for the Commission and external stakeholders necessary to achieve the strategic and operational goals of the Board of Directors. She oversees the management of the application process, including appeals and denials, and the development and coordination of application workshops, application assistance webinars, and professional development learning events. 

With over 20 years of experience as a continuing education professional and almost 15 years as an IACET Commissioner and Facilitator, she is an advocate for quality adult training, workforce development, and continuous improvement. Karen also serves as the staff liaison to the Competency-based Learning Task Force and the Distance Learning Taskforce. 

Reasons to contact Karen
  • You have a question about the accreditation and reaccreditation application processes 
  • You would like to submit a proposal for an IACET professional development learning event 
  • You have questions about or need some guidance on an element in the ANSI/IACET Standard and Application 
  • You need information about becoming a Commissioner 
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As the Vice President of Technology and Organizational Effectiveness, Randy is responsible for overseeing and implementing the technological solutions necessary to achieve the strategic and operational goals of the Board of Directors.  He oversees the development of all web applications, like the public website, the IACET member portal, and the accreditation application submission and review modules.

With over 20 years of experience as a full-stack developer, providing software and IT solutions within the non-profit and government verticals, he is an expert in the design, development, and implementation of membership management systems, focusing on tightly integrating technology platforms for associations.

Randy also serves as the staff liaison to the Policy and Procedures Committee and to the PNG Advisory Board.

Reasons to contact Randy
  • You need technical support with an IACET website or technology service (for example, if you have technical issue registering for an IACET event or if you can’t log-in to iacet.org)
  • You would like to add or correct some content on the IACET website or the IACET portal.
  • You have questions about or need some guidance on an IACET policy, process, or procedure.
  • You need information about the Petroleum and Natural Gas Criteria project.
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Holding the title of Coordinator of Accredited Provider and Member Services, Jessica is charged with handling all member and prospective member inquires directly related to their account. She aides prospective members with any questions they may have in regards to our accreditation process.

With over 10 years of customer service and member service experience, representing the front line of IACET provides her with the opportunity to assist all of our valued providers and individual members to the best of her ability.

Jessica has also been appointed as the staff liaison for the Awards Committee as well as the Membership Committee.

Reasons to contact Jessica
  • General questions regarding the application process.
  • Questions about account status.
  • Password reset.
  • Account set-up assistance.
  • Provider plaque inquires.
  • Replacement of primary and secondary as well as the addition of any new contacts to your organizations account.
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As the Director of Operations, Amy is responsible for managing the day-to-day operations necessary to ensure that IACET achieves its strategic goals and objectives. She provides leadership, direction, and administration for IACET’s activities. Amy is responsible for the oversight of all meeting planning, financial tasks, and is the staff liaison to the Nominations and Elections Committee and the Awards Committee.

Prior to joining IACET, Amy had a 10-year long career as a social worker, specializing in family and child services. In 2000, she began her career working in the non-profit association space. Amy managed programs and projects in the areas of emergency medical services, emergency management, and healthcare.

Amy graduated from Assumption College with a B.A. in Social and Rehabilitation Services and earned a Master of Social Work degree from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Reasons to contact Amy
  • You have any questions about an invoice or want assistance processing a payment.
  • You have questions related to accounts receivable or accounts payable.
  • You have questions about the Awards Program.
  • You have questions about the Nominations and Elections process for the Board, Commission, and Council.
  • You have questions about the annual meeting and sponsorship opportunities.
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As the Coordinator of Accreditation and Training, Alexa is responsible for assisting with matters related to upholding best practices for continuing education and training. Her duties include hosting virtual site visits, helping facilitate IACET workshops and webinars, and providing information throughout the ANSI/IACET 1-2018 Standard and Application review process. 

She also serves as the Digital Badging Standard Committee staff liaison.

Alexa has a Bachelor of Arts in Integrative Studies and earned a Master of Education from George Mason University. She lives in the Washington DC metro area, and enjoys staying active, being outdoors, and spending time with friends and family.

Reasons to contact Alexa
  • You would like more information on an IACET training event 
  • You have a question about the accreditation application review process
  • You need clarification on an element in the ANSI/IACET 1-2018 Standard and Application, prior to submission 
  • You would like an extension on your application
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A student at Northern Virginia Community College, I am not a stranger to the non-profit world. I interned at the American Gear Manufacturers Association where I assisted the education, membership, and technical departments with various projects. Here at IACET, I am the Special Projects Assistant where I primarily work with the Marketing and Operations departments. I am the primary contact for social media and assisting or directing our stakeholders to the appropriate person to discuss their needs.

Reasons to contact Aaron
  • You have general questions about IACET
  • You have questions about social media
  • You see something that is relative to the work of IACET should post
  • You are an Accredited Provider or Member and need our support in posting or reposting and event on social media
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Sherard Jones is the President of Strategic Futurist Consulting, an organization whose mission is to provide global leadership in Credentialing, Accreditation and Standards Development. Sherard has over 15 years of experience with IACET Accreditation in various roles and is committed to applying his expertise to support IACET in meeting its strategic goals. Sherard is currently a Lead Assessor for the ANSI-CAP program, has worked as Vice President of Education and Training for IAPMO, and was a past Chair of the IACET Commission. Sherard has 10+ years of experience in strategic program development and has partnered with clients having business needs varying from creating international workforce development programs to build capacity through training and credentialing — to creating and overseeing organizational restructuring plans.

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Graduated with a B.A. in Business Administration with a concentration on management from Strayer University in 2008. She works closely with the Council on Standards Development assisting the Standard Consensus Body, and/or committees with their Standards development projects and editing and maintaining IACET standards and publications. Before IACET, Teshia worked as a Technical Writer with large and small government contracting firms for more than 20 years with the last six as a Proposal Writer throughout the DC, Maryland and Virginia locale.

“I believe that my background in technical writing and documentation development will allow for a nice transition into assisting the IACET Standards Department,” Payne said. “I look forward to working with all of the different people that contribute to our standards’ process and to continue to build on the strong reputation and success of promoting and enhancing the quality of continuing education and training.”


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