Accreditation Workshops

Accreditation Workshops

There’s always something going on at IACET to help continuing education and training (CE/T) providers grow their capabilities. Through intensive, in-person workshops offered at numerous geographic locations and through online virtual attendance, IACET helps current and aspiring Accredited Providers incorporate quality, credibility and excellence into their continuing education and training programs. 

Accreditation Workshops: Intensive, Live, Onsite or Remote Learning

Note: You must purchase the Standard before you can register for this event! Please create an account or login to buy the Standard ($450) now.

Across the globe, IACET’s Accreditation Workshops make learning about the ANSI/IACET Standard for Continuing Education and Training an up-close and personal experience. Participants now have ability to attend this workshop virtually through our new virtual learning environments with MicroTek Learning Centers.  A webcam with on your computer equipped with a microphone and speakers/headset are required since these workshops are highly interactive.

The instructor-led workshop is a collaborative event where you will be able to assemble and validate your application submission evidence.

Upon completion of the workshop you will receive a digital badge, as shown on the right, to proudly display as a testament to the work you did during the Accreditation Workshop. 

The instructor-led workshop is an interactive and collaborative event where you will be able to assemble and validate your application submission evidence.

The workshop will be an interactive event that has the following learning outcomes:

  1. Identify the types of documents required by each element in the application and reapplication.
  2. Create and/or modify internal policies and procedures that are compliant with the ANSI/ IACET Standard and required as evidence in the (re)application.
  3. Create a plan to ensure Standard compliance throughout their organizations.
  4. Describe and practice the steps needed for sound Instructional Design

The agenda for the day includes many opportunities to work in small groups to identify which documents are expected for each element.  In those small groups learners have the opportunity to draft process documents that will be evaluated for compliance with the IACET standard.

  • Part 1 – Introductions
  • Part 2 – Overview of Application Process
  • Part 3 – Types of Documentation Required
  • Part 4 – Elements of the Standard/Application (Initial)
  • Part 5 – Reaccreditation Application

Live In-Person attendance includes printed copies of the following materials:

  • Participant’s Guide (including)
    • Application for Accreditation
    • Reapplication
    • All Resource Materials
  • Portfolio Documents
  • Application Matrices
  • Design Document Analysis

Virtual attendees have the option to go green by opting for digital versions of same materials.  For an added cost we can ship materials to you when registering at least two weeks in advance.

All attendees may bring a laptop and have access to a dedicated page on the IACET Website that provides them resources and tools for accreditation.  This page is accessible from your member portal: 


I want to take the time to commend you and Lori on the excellent job you did conducting the workshop yesterday. Facilitating a distance program with a live group in attendance at the same time, is never easy…and you made it flow so smoothly. Your content and information was “spot on”. While there are no “correct answers” the advice and direction both you and Lori provided aligned with the intent of the Council in developing the Standard and Application. Attending it from a participant point of view made me a better Commissioner, by allowing me to better understand the perspectives of a very wide group of applicants and potential applicants.  I now look even more forward to reviewing and Site Visiting the applications/reapplications of participants you have trained.” 

IACET Commissioner Stuart Karasik


Note: Feedback from particpants is collected via an anonymous form.  Consider the following comments:

"I would highly recommend this workshop to those engaging in accreditation or re-accreditation."

"Very impressive workshop and interaction with the class and remote participants. Thank you IACET!"

" Overall, one of the best training sessions I have attended in years. My virtual experience was excellent, and I don't feel I missed out on anything from the classroom experience. Great facilitation!”



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