To be eligible for IACET accreditation, an organization must create and administer continuing education and/or training (CE/T) activities, courses, programs or other learning events.

To meet the necessary AP requirements, an organization must be:

  • A governmental unit or be incorporated, chartered or otherwise legally-recognized as a business entity
  • In business for at least one year, operating under the conditions described in the application for at least three months
  • Able to provide documentation required by the application and accreditation interview

In addition, the applying organization it must have:

  • A well-defined organizational structure that assigns authority and responsibility for administering continuing education and training programs and activities to a particular unit
  • Educational activities, courses and programs administered by an individual or group that meet the ANSI/IACET Standard for Continuing Education and Training
  • Written policies and processes that comply with the ANSI/IACET Standard

Accreditation Readiness Calculator

IACET's Accreditation Readiness Calculator is intended to provide guidance on your organization's readiness to start the accreditation journey towards  becoming an IACET Accredited Provider (AP).

This tool is intended to identify any gaps in policies, processes or evidence that must be addressed before an application is submitted as well as gives advice on next steps based on the calculated score.

How Many Applications Do I Need to File?

Applicants can apply for AP accreditation on behalf of an entire organization or for a specific unit or department within an organization. What matters: that the provider operates under a single set of policies and processes and possesses authority, responsibility and administrative control over the learning that is offered by the organization.

In the application, an applicant must clearly define the organizational unit that seeks AP accreditation. Larger entities, complex organizations and those with many geographic units might have several distinct CE/T providers. In these cases, each would need to apply separately to become an accredited IACET Accredited Provider of continuing education units (CEUs).

A Note to International Applicants

Because an  site visit is a required part of the IACET AP application process, IACET Commission members need to be able to schedule the visit and get to the site. If an organization resides in a country with a current U.S. travel warning, IA CET might not be able to accept the application. Since risks are continuously changing, please look at the most current Travel Warnings list before purchasing the ANSI/IACET Standard and Application. If you have additional questions, please contact IACET Headquarters.


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