Password Changes

Nobody likes to do it, but changing passwords is a fact of life!  If you need help changing your IACET account password, just follow these steps!  Read more »

Safe Senders

Most email clients provide a safe sender or whitelist option for trusted contacts in the address book. To ensure you recieve critical information from IACET's automated messaging systems, you will want to add us to your address book. Read more »

Reset the Blocked Email Address Flag

If automated emails sent to you have been blocked, our system marks your address as bad and won't send future emails to that address.  If you have added us to your safe senders list, use these instructions to let us know its safe to send future emails to you. Read more »

Using Filters to Search the IACET Accredited Provider List

When browsing the list of IACET Accredited Providers, you can use the filter feature to narrow the list down to providers that match your criteria. Read more »

How to pay Membership Dues Invoice with a Credit Card

If you received an invoice for membership dues to your Inbox and would like to pay it online with a credit card, just follow these 5 steps! Read more »

How to complete your Annual Report

Completing an annual report is an important part of maintaining accreditation in the years between your initial accreditation and reaccreditation.  Follow these steps to access your annual report. Read more »

How to purchase the Standard and Re-accreditation Application

Are you coming up on your accreditation expiration date and looking to renew your accreditation for another 5 years?  The process starts by purchasing the Standard and Re-accreditation Application. Read more »

How to Access your Application for Accreditation

If you've purchased the Standard and Application and are ready to get started documenting how your organization meets compliance with the Standard but don't know where to find the application, you've come to the right place! Read more »

How to Submit an Application

Once you've completed your application, you can follow these directions to submit it for review. Read more »


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