Open Digital Badging Workshop

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The Open Digital Badge Workshop is designed to provide a step-by-step training to build organizational consensus, plan for badges in new and existing curricula, design effective meta-data, and scale to effective organizational use.  If you are ready to implement open digital badges, this is the essential program.

To leverage the amazing benefits of 21st century credentialing technology, organizations must have someone prepared to implement these powerful tools in the right way which is what this program of study is designed to do. This program is the best single pathway to fill the badging knowledge void in an adult learning organization.  Filling the badging knowledge void will provide organizations with new opportunities to promote their learning events, increase engagement and learner retention while also providing learners with a valuable portable credential they can be proud of. After this program of study, learners will have the necessary knowledge, skills, and tools needed to design and execute a successful open digital badging initiative.

Course Description

While most courses and webinars only focus on the “why” and “what” of ODBs, the IACET Open Digital Badge Workshop also focuses on the “how” and aligns with the ANSI-IACET Standard for Continuing Education and Training and IACET’s Open Digital Badging Guidelines. Learners also have opportunities to earn IACET Open Digital Badges after they successfully complete and demonstrate workshop requirements and learning outcomes.

What is included in IACET’s ODB workshop? There are three main parts of this practical and dynamic workshop!

1.    Before attending the workshop, learners will complete a brief foundational self-directed e-learning module focusing on definitions (like meta-data) and core concepts. 

2.    Learners will meet during the 1.5-day instructor-facilitated virtual workshop  and receive valuable insights such as choosing providers, strategic planning tools, IACET’s Open Digital Badging Guidelines, ODB Taxonomy, templates, and guided practice to get started and avoid common challenges.  

3.    Learners will reconvene during a half-day virtual session about a month later, to present their digital badge capstone project and discuss their experiences.


This series is designed for those who need knowledge and skills involving open digital badges and is applicable for training coordinators, managers, chief learning officers or others who desire practical knowledge and skills regarding open digital badging.

Each live event is limited to ensure high levels of collaboration and interactivity.

Earn Stackable Digital Badges

Earn these stackable credentials to document your knowledge and skill involving open digital badges by completing each course and post-course exercise. 

  • Earn the Bronze Badge by completing the eLearning Module.
  • Earn the Silver Badge by actively participating in the  live workshop.
  • Earn the Gold Badge by successfully presenting a badge prototype on the presentation day.

Meet the Instructor

Dr. James E. Willis, III was introduced to open digital badges at Purdue University when he worked as an Educational Assessment Specialist in Information Technology. He later worked on a MacArthur Foundation grant as a Research Associate and Project Coordinator for Open Digital Badges in Higher Education in the Center for Research on Learning and Technology at Indiana University. Since 2016, James has worked as an educational consultant with the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) where he wrote the Badging Guidelines, supplementary materials, and educational materials for the Open Digital Badge Series.


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