Accredited Provider Benefits

An IACET Accredited Provider delivers value every step of the way—from the self-study process to the ongoing credibility communicated in the marketplace.

Accreditation shows you mean business

Any organization can host a learning event. But it takes true commitment to become an accredited provider of IACET Continuing Education Units (CEU).

"I cannot begin to tell you how excited we are to be IACET re-accredited. Coming into NIGP at the start of the IACET process, the IACET application gave me the chance to really look at my organization from a holistic standpoint. IACET's accreditation process gave our entire team the opportunity to jump on board with process improvements that have fundamentally altered the nature of the Institute. I cannot thank you enough for all of your support, phone answers, and kind words—you all have made this such a wonderful, professional learning experience."

Bradley Davis
Content Editor, NIGP: The Institute for Public Procurement
Herndon, Virginia, USA

IACET Accredited Provider (AP) status tells the world:


Accreditation gives you a competitive edge

When a customer or learner makes a choice between two providers for training, if one provider has accreditation and the other does not and all other things are equal, who has the competitive advantage?   In almost all circumstances, the provider who has accreditation by a reputable third party has the advantage.

IACET enhances an accredited provider’s competitive edge by not only providing a globally recognized credential, but also:

  • sample news releases to promote your accomplishment,
  • approved accreditation logos for your marketing material,
  • dynamic web-based accreditation certificates allowing learners to verify your accreditation instantly,
  • partnership opportunities to host learning events and publish articles that both promote the provider and quality continuing education and training,
  • social media exposure,
  • discounts on publications and exceptional learning events.


Benchmarking is comparing one training organization’s processes and performance metrics to industry best practices from other similar organizations. Benchmarking is a useful tool to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Training organizations benefit from a comprehensive peer review audit of your organization’s training program by a Commission of professionals. At the end of the accreditation process, your organization will have a framework for continuous improvement, from managing your professional training events efficiently to developing the best possible learning programs.  Using IACET's accreditation program to benchmark your learning organization could also be far more economical than hiring outside consultants.

Succession planning

In a competitive global economy, disruption from employee/staff/stakeholder turnover can threaten viability of organizations.  IACET’s requirements help ensure that documentation exists that outlines and describes in detail the processes involved in continuing education and training.

Improve scalability

Learning organizations that have consistent, quality and robust training processes and policies are naturally more scalable than organizations that do not.  Numerous organizations have testified that achieving IACET accreditation has made expansion of their organization easier and more productive.  Much as the ISO 9000 Standard deals with the fundamentals of quality management systems, IACET’s Continuing Education and Training Standard deals with improved quality continuing education and training instructional design and delivery systems.

Satisfy regulatory requirements

In many industries and professions, providers maintaining IACET accreditation meet regulatory requirement set forth to protect the integrity of professional education.   For example, providers having IACET accreditation meet requirements by more than half of the U.S. engineering licensing boards.  Have IACET accreditation allows providers in those jurisdictions to offer engineering courses that count toward maintaining their professional license.

IACET accreditation is not a universal credential for compliance in every industry or jurisdiction. However, providers having accreditation could enjoy benefits that could be substantial depending on the profession, industry, and/or jurisdiction. 

Visit for more information about organizations that recognize IACET CEUs.

Accreditation strengthens your CE/T capabilities

With IACET, the journey to accreditation is as valuable as the destination. Our thorough accreditation application process is guided by the ANSI/IACET Standard for continuing education and training and the latest best practices in adult learning.

You benefit from a comprehensive audit of your organization’s training program by a Commission of professionals from across the United States. At the end, you’ll have a framework for continuous improvement, from managing your professional training events efficiently to developing the best possible learning programs.

After achieving AP status, you join a select community of organizations that share your commitment to educational rigor, excellence and integrity. IACET accreditation connects you with a network of CE/T peers through exclusive webinars and IACET’s bi-monthly eNewsletter.

Benefits for organizations accepting/requiring IACET CEUs

  • regulatory agencies can lean on IACET accreditation as part of their training provider or course approval programs saving the regulatory agencies money, time and staff resources.  IACET accreditation can raise the standard for education in an industry or profession at no additional cost to the regulatory agency. 
  • IACET can work in partnership with regulatory agencies to enforce compliance and quality and no cost to the regulatory agency.
  • have confidence that the training provider has met a rigorous standard for excellence. 
  • know training providers have dedicated the resources to provide meaningful learning.
  • enjoy a gauge that can evaluate the quality of programs across different training providers enabling a strengthened ability to recognize transferable CEUs.
  • know the provider has demonstrated the ability to comply with transcript and record keeping requirements.
  • enjoy working with providers that have documented a commitment to continuous learning and improvement.
  • know that programs they recognize or approve that are offered by IACET accredited providers have been peer reviewed.

Benefits for Learners

  • Transferable CEUs between cooperating organizations.
  • Vendor of choice is made easier.
  • Assurance of quality programming.
  • Assurance of standards based record keeping.


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