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Open Digital Badges: Application, Scaling, and Rollout (Archived)

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remote participation via Zoom

December 11, 2020

8:30 am–4:30 pm EST (Expired)

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Course Description

After completing the online course introducing badges, this live webinar helps participants devise a badge program within an organization, build a prototype badge, and learn about how to scale a badging program. This interactive webinar session builds on previous knowledge in an entirely practical way with the intent of designing an operational badges program within your given organization. Some current badge providers are explored with a live demonstration to show functionalities, layouts, and basic badge construction.

Topics include thinking through design ideas, resource inventories, metadata possibilities and challenges, and curriculum and training factors. Also covered are how to build portable and sharable credentials, how to scale a badging prototype to a larger implementation, and how to problem-solve using the various components of badge meta-data.

The number of participants in each session is limited so you can have personalized attention with the badges expert and your fellow participants.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of e-learning course Open Digital Badges: Theory and Design

Mode of Delivery: Synchronous, live instruction from expert with small group interaction.

Course Learning Outcomes: Upon successful completion of this course, students will:

  • Recognize how other attendees are using open digital badges.
  • Identify areas of difficulty often experienced when using open digital badges.
  • Identify major questions about open digital badges to address.
  • Construct an open digital badge program.
  • Discover potential pitfalls in implementing.
  • Complete the open digital badges design worksheet, share, and receive feedback.
  • Identify features of major badging platforms.
  • Discriminate between different badging platforms.
  • Design and implement an open digital badge using a badging platform.
  • Issue a sample badge to demonstrate the workflow of how a badging platform works.
  • Develop a vision for how their organization will use open digital badges.
  • Devise a plan to launch a badging program within one's organization and scale it to size with appropriate open digital badges
  • Engage in constructive peer-review to problem-solve and mitigate challenges to implementation
  • Relate experiences learned from other attendees to their own organizations.

Completion:  Successful completion includes active participation in the workshop. Instructor verification of active participation is needed. When the active participation is verified, a silver badge is issued to the participant. When a prototype badge is created and sent to the instructor for verification, a gold badge is issued to the participant.



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