The Continuing Education Guide – 2nd Edition

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This is the first book ever written which explores in-depth how to interpret and use the continuing education unit (CEU) and other criteria used for professional development programs. Authored by one of the original developers of the CEU and architect of IACET's CEU Provider Approval Program, this book represents nearly 40 years experience with the evolution and development of the CEU.

This revised second edition is an important reference source for beginning and experienced administrators and instructors. It addresses the CEU criteria, as well as specific criteria used by over 20 different professions. It covers many aspects of the ANSI/IACET 1-2007 Standard approved by the American National Standards Institute.

It includes many practical things learned by the author over twenty years of conducting needs assessments and training thousands of instructors to use the CEU criteria. Special attention is given to planning for behavioral change in the workplace, overcoming learner resistance, and teaching to different learning styles.

Expanded chapters on needs assessments, learning outcomes, instructional strategies,assessment and evaluations explain how to improve program quality. Sample planning forms, needs assessment instruments, guides for writing learning outcomes, ways to select instructional strategies, assessment and evaluation forms are included.

Numerous tips are provided for instructors on how to (1) use needs assessment data to tailor their presentations, (2) engage and read audiences, (3) select appropriate instructional strategies for different learning styles, (4) how to engage reluctant learners, and (5) how to use instructional strategies as assessment techniques.


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