Standard for Open Digital Badging

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Download the new Open Digital Badge Taxonomy that will be part of the new IACET Standard for Open Digital Badges.  The IACET ODB Taxonomy is designed to help decision makers better identifiy certain types of badges for fast, easy, and in some cases automated decision making.  

About the IACET ODB Standard

In response to industry trends and stakeholder needs, IACET has developed a metadata and quality assurance standard for open digital badges (ODB).  IACET’s exploration into ODBs has led to the development of the program to complement its mission “to advance the global workforce by providing the standard framework for quality learning and development through accreditation.”

The IACET ODB marketing plan advances a strategic objective to improve the CE/T ecosystem with knowledge, resources and standards regarding ODB.  ODB and its advantages are unknown to many providers as the technology is still new to many. IACET has an opportunity to fill a knowledge gap and set a standard for ODB in the industry.

IACET's ODB Standard does not replace IMS Global's metadata standard.  IACET fully supports and will actively promote aherence to this important IMS Global work.  IACET's ODB Standard is designed to compliment the IMS Global Standard by providing a qualitative framework.  IACET stakeholders have identified that badges are being used in a broad series of applications.  For professional continuing education and training purposes, IACET believes that ODBs should be designed in a quality way that correctly, accurately, authentically, and fully represent the credential it depicts.  

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