Georgia Teachers Seeking CEUs for Certificate Renewal Requirements

Georgia Teachers Seeking CEUs for Certificate Renewal Requirements

Are you a teacher in Georgia (GA) seeking to renew your certification and looking for courses that offer eligible CEUs?  If so, we can help connect you to the right people.

IACET, as an accrediting body of continuing education and training, is not a direct provider of the type training for which you are looking.  However, organizations accredited by IACET do meet the need per Georgia Professional Standards Commission Regulations (GAPSC Regulation 505-2-.36 Renewal Requirements – effective April 15, 2021).  To find and connect with an IACET Accredited Provider that can provide you with the CEUs you need to renew your teaching certification in Georgia, you will want to search our list of Accredited Providers.

It can be daunting to look through a list this large of providers.  So, once you are on that page, you’ll want to scroll down until you find the Filters section.  This will allow you to narrow down the list of Accredited Providers to help you find a training provider that meets your exact needs.

For example, adding the keyword Education to the Filter by Industry Served box is probably a great start.  Depending on the grade level you work with, you might also find keywords like Teacher or Early Childhood Education to be useful. You could also filter on specific subjects.

If there are still too many Accredited Providers, then you might want to narrow it down more by adding United States to the Filter by Country.  If United States is chosen, then you will also find a place to filter by State.

Note:  This just means that the headquarters for the provider is in that state.  Due to online education and the virtual world we live in, a provider not physically located in Georgia  may still be able to provide you the continuing education hours you need to meet the requirements.  For more detailed support on using the Filter section, check out the support article entitled “Using Filters to Search the Accredited Provider List.”

As you filter down the list of Accredited Providers, once you find one that you would like to explore further, click on either (a) View Provider’s Website to be taken to their website or (b) Profile to see more contact information, such as email addresses and phone numbers.

You can then reach out to that accredited provider about the specific courses and delivery methods they offer, as well as prices, to help you determine which provider is right for you.


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