HELP! I need a reprint of my OSHA card

HELP! I need a reprint of my OSHA card

Are you a learner looking for a copy of your OSHA card, a certificate, or log of your earned CEUs?  If so, IACET can help connect you to the right place to retrieve those, and other, pieces of information.

The International Accreditors for Continuing Education and Training (IACET) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to ensuring that learners across the globe experience high-quality continuing education and training. To achieve this goal, IACET accredits training providers in any industry that can provide evidence, through a rigorous peer-reviewed process, that they meet the strict guidelines set by the ANSI/IACET Standard for Continuing Education and Training, which outlines the best practices for developing, designing, and delivering training and professional development.

Being that IACET is an Accrediting Body, its duty to learners is to provide third-party verification that a training provider is following the best practices for developing, designing, and delivering training.  Because IACET does not focus on any specific industry or profession, but instead is open to all industries, IACET does not distribute or oversee the specific content that a training provider is delivering.  Furthermore, IACET does not collect any learner data, such as names, course registrations, awards earned, etc., from the training providers it accredits.

This includes OSHA cards, certificates of completion, certification records, licenses, or logs of CEUs earned by a learner from an Accredited Provider. What this means for individuals looking for copies of their OSHA cards, or any of the other items mentioned above, is that you will need to directly contact the training company that facilitated your course to obtain a copy of the documents. While the IACET logo may appear on OSHA cards, certificates, transcripts, websites or learning material, our role remains as their accrediting body and not the keeper of their records.

If you don’t remember where you received your training, we have put together a few tips to aid you in locating the proper organization that does have your learner records and can provide you with the copies you may need:

  1. Scan your card or certificate for any additional organization names or logos.  Specially look for any language that says something like ABC Training certifies that John Doe has successfully completed…  
  2. If you don’t have your OSHA card or certificate, try locating an email that confirms your enrollment in the course.  Carefully review the email for an organization’s name or contact information.
  3. If you attended the class in-person and know approximately the dates you attended, you may be able to check your phone's location history.  Alternatively, if you attended remotely and know your approximate dates, your web browser’s history might be able to point you to the training provider’s website.
  4. If you provided a copy of your card or certificate to a current or former employer, you may reach out to their human resources department to see if they can locate the name of the provider from the copy they have on file.

It may take some detective work, but once you locate a different organization’s name, you can access the list of Accredited Providers and filter on the organization name to view their profile and get information on how to contact the appropriate people to obtain the copies you need. 

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