Password Changes

Password Changes

Nobody likes to do it, but changing passwords is a fact of life!  If you need help changing your IACET account password, just follow these steps! 

Steps to Change your IACET Account Password

  1. Once you are logged in, you will click the Change Password link next to your name so you choose a password you will remember
  2. Once on the Change Password Form where you will be able to choose a new password.

    1. You will enter in your Current Password
    2. You will type in your new Password.  Once you reach the required level of complexity, the words underneath the Password box will turn green to show that it is acceptable and the Confirm Password box will be enabled.

    3. Type in the Confirm Password which should identically match the Password
    4. Click the Change Password button.
    5. If all the steps have been followed, you will get a green message indicating success:

You can then log-in anytime with the new password.


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