Posted on: June 13, 2023
Author: Rowell Vitor Mariano
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Imagine a world where training and talent development have the potential to create a transformative impact. As a passionate advocate for unlocking the capabilities of individuals and organizations, I'm constantly seeking innovative solutions and staying ahead of the curve.

The digital era has brought both challenges and opportunities. The sudden shift to online training during the COVID-19 pandemic caught many off guard. However, by embracing emerging technologies, such as AI language models like ChatGPT, we can revolutionize our approach to training and development.

Integrating AI into our work opens up exciting possibilities. It allows seamless collaboration between curriculum developers and training professionals. AI can assist in designing and developing courses, streamlining administrative tasks, and accelerating processes without compromising quality. This integration empowers us to focus on strategic initiatives that drive innovation and growth.

But let's be clear: AI language models are not here to replace us. They augment our capabilities. They rely on the information and expertise we provide to generate responses. Our unique qualities as training professionals—culture alignment, emotional intelligence, and logical reasoning—enhance the capabilities of AI models, ensuring optimal outcomes.

The possibilities are numerous. Picture creating multiple training programs for technical professionals simultaneously. With AI language models, we can rapidly generate initial responses by inputting essential information. Our role then becomes refining and curating the content, leveraging our expertise to enhance training design and analysis.

The collaboration between human expertise and AI models is a powerful combination. We must embrace emerging technologies, adapt to the changing landscape, and develop new skills. Our expertise and ability to navigate the complexities of human learning remain essential in creating impactful training experiences.

As we integrate AI language models into our practices, we must do so mindfully. AI operates on algorithms and logic, lacking human consciousness and nuanced decision-making abilities. We provide the human touch, ensuring our training efforts are effective, relevant, and tailored to individual needs.

Now, let's address the elephant in the room—skepticism about incorporating AI language models. I encourage you not to fear the opportunities they present. As training professionals, our role is to empower individuals and organizations to thrive. By leveraging AI as a complementary tool, we enhance our practices, save time, and achieve greater impact.

The future of the training and talent development industry is being shaped by AI language models. Let's embrace AI as a partner—a tool that amplifies our expertise, expands our reach, and enables us to deliver exceptional training experiences. Together, we can shape a future where training and talent development reach new heights, empowering individuals and organizations in a rapidly changing world.

And speaking of the future, I invite you to join me in an upcoming webinar where we'll dive deeper into the topic of incorporating AI into your work. This webinar is an opportunity to learn more about how AI language models can enhance your training practices without losing the human touch. Sign up today to secure your spot and embark on this transformative journey with us!


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Has more than a decade of experience in human resource learning and organizational development in food processing and retailing, manufacturing and distribution, a Fortune 500 infrastructure firm, BPO, services, and the academe. Has developed and implemented training programs and served as a resource speaker for various local and international organizations in both public and private sectors across the globe. 

He is the author of the book entitled Will it FIT? A guide for training professionals and enthusiasts. A published personality and an award-winning active member and officer of various human resources, civic, education, and learning and development organizations such as the Australian Human Resource Institute, Philippine Society for Talent Development, Toastmasters International, and Junior Chamber International. Recognised as 2016 PSTD Gawad Maestro Outstanding Learning and Development Professional. 

Graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree from the University of Rizal System – Morong, Diploma in Industrial Relations Management from De La Salle University – Manila, and Master of Human Resource Management with Distinction at the University of Newcastle Australia.

He is a Distinguished Toastmaster of Toastmasters International, a Certified Associate in Workplace Learning and Performance of Philippine Society for Talent Development, a Certified Six Sigma Yellow Belt and Green Belt Trained of Six Sigma Philippines, and a Professional Member of Australian Human Resource Institute.

On the side, he took up Advance Screen Acting in New Faces Talent Academy under Fusion Entertainment Group in Australia and Acting for Screen under Philippine Educational Theater Association. He is also part of Hillsong Creative in Hillsong Newcastle Australia.

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